CSS Tableless Overrides


Passwords are subject to a minimum level of complexity - this increases your security and will stop anyone from ever guessing your password.

If your password is not classified as 'Good', the button will be greyed out, as the minimum requirements are not met To be accepted, your password must fulfil all three of the following criteria::

1) Be 8 characters long.
2) Contain at least one number.
3) Contain at least one special character (e.g. ! " £ $ % ).

The harder it is for someone to guess your password, the more secure it is. Try not to use personal information in your password (e.g. your date of birth, your anniversary, name of your significant other).

The best passwords are those which are randomly generated, but you may find these a little difficult to remember - try introducing a small random element to the end of your password, and make use of capitalisation in non-standard locations ( deCemBe2!&78 is a lot harder to guess than December78 and only marginally harder to remember).